How did Pancho Villa die?

How did Pancho Villa die?

Pancho Villa was ambushed and shot on his ranch in Parral July 23,1923.

Pancho Villa was born in 1878), and was a Mexican revolutionary and guerrilla leader. He was given the birth name Doroteo Arango or also called Francisco). After killing the owner of the estate where he worked because he had assaulted his sister, Pancho Villa fled to the mountains, spending his teenage years as a fugitive. He fought in the revolts against two dictators, Porfirio Díaz and Victoriano Huerta, and fled from Mexico in 1912, but he came back in 1913 and formed an army of several thousand men, the imfamous División del Norte. In 1914, he joined his army with that of Venustiano Carranza, and they won a very decisive victory over Huerta and entered Mexico City as the victorious leaders of the revolution. His relationship with Carranza was short-lived, however, and, after being beaten in several fights, Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata ran away to the mountain of Northern Mexico, where he continued in rebellion and guerilla tactics. In 1916, after he executed sixteen U.S. citizens at Santa Isabel, President Woodrow Wilson sent Gen John Pershing after Villa. But the willingness of his friends to help him and his knowledge of the local geography of northern Mexico, and also to the fact that Mexico didn’t want Pershing on its soil, made it near impossible for Pershing to catch him. When Carranza’s government was toppled in 1920, Pancho Villa was pardoned and given a ranch in Chihuahua after he promised to retire from political activities. He was eventually assassinated on his ranch in 1923.

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